Executions in Japan

John Derbyshire (an Englishman) mentions two criminals executed in Japan despite the leftyish Justice Minister’s abolitionist stance, and says at the end: Executions in Japan are by hanging: The Japanese at least understand that capital punishment is an act of state violence, not a medical procedure, as in the dishonest and despicable system of “lethal […]

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What’s La Raza in Quebecois

A tale of two borders: The Corner – Mark Steyn: That Ain’t Hay, It’s The USA In effect, the sovereignty of the United States of America no longer applies in this territory – and John Morton and the Department of Homeland Security are entirely cool with that. That’s the southern border. The northern one, the […]

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Mit Stallman!

Hitler, as “Downfall producer” orders a DMCA takedown from Brad Templeton on Vimeo. Curtsy: RC2 in the comments of the last video (Hilariously, looking for that link, I saw “Hitler” and clicked on the wrong entry. I am, evidently, just ALL Hitler ALL THE TIME. And here I am on vacay in Maui. Weird, eh?). […]

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More Authorities Trying to Make Themselves Useful In This New Paradise

More hardware store misery, too. John Stossel, via Mark Steyn: For 15 years, the B & B Do it Center, a local hardware store in the small California town of Camarillo, has been putting out coffee and doughnuts for its morning customers. Actually longer, says owner Randy Collins; the previous owner did it too. Customers […]

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Still Sick; Take It Away, Mark Steyn

Macleans – The absurd trial of Geert Wilders, by Mark Steyn Point A: Geert Wilders, by contrast, is one of the most popular politicians in the Netherlands, and his fate is central to the future of his kingdom and his continent. He is an elected member of parliament—and, although he’s invariably labelled “far right” in […]

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A City Without Billboards

At Issue Journal – A City Without Billboards Known as one of the world’s worst billboard jungles, Sao Paolo was rife with illegal billboards and signs. Advertisers had bought up virtually all available street and wall space in the city to hang their gigantic marketing messages. To earn money, some poor residents even sold the […]

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Piste Off

Italy’s common-sense legislation of the day (that was originally intended to be the title of this entry but I opted to go for the lame pun instead (standards, you know)): Telegraph – Italy to jail people who set off avalanches Skiers and snowboarders who set off deadly avalanches in Italy could face imprisonment and hefty […]

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Marriage: It’s Not Even About Monogamy Anymore

NYT – Many Successful Gay Marriages Share an Open Secret As the trial phase of the constitutional battle to overturn the Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage concludes in federal court, gay nuptials are portrayed by opponents as an effort to rewrite the traditional rules of matrimony. Quietly, outside of the news media and courtroom […]

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Jon Stewart Interviews a Bucket of Sand

I finally had a half hour to watch the full Jon Stewart/John Yoo interview: Part 1: The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon – Thurs 11p / 10c Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care Crisis Part 2: The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon – Thurs 11p / 10c Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care Crisis Part 3: The Daily Show […]

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Finally Fighting For Gender Equality With a Few Small Legal Snafus to Deal With On the Way

Telegraph – Catholic ban on women priests ‘illegal under Harriet Harman equality bill’ The Roman Catholic ban on women entering the priesthood will become illegal under Harriet Harman’s controversial Equality Bill, according to Christian charity, CARE. A new report by the leading charity – backed by a legal opinion from a leading QC – says […]

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Loopholes and Baby Killing

CMR – Cold-Blooded Child Murder and the Loophole I warn you, this story is very disturbing. In Virginia, a mother gave birth to her baby and then suffocated it. Virginia law enforcement is powerless to charge her. Oh gross.

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One of Those Little Subtle Cultural Differences

…Between over there and over here: BBC – Parking on private land is banned A doctor has lost a court battle over parking tickets issued to a scooter parked on his land – because a judge ruled he only owns the subsoil. Dr Richard Dawood, parks his scooter outside his surgery in Camden, north London, […]

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Keeping Free Unions Free

Telegraph – Plans to legalise cohabiting couples are anti-women and degrade relationships, says peer New rules to give cohabiting couples the same rights as those who get married “retard the emancipation of women” and degrade relationships, according to the chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Money quote: She said: “There is nothing to stop them […]

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The Geneva Conventions Are About Incentives, Too

WSJ – Holder’s al Qaeda Incentive Plan by William McGurn [T]he perverse message that decision [to dispatch Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other al Qaeda leaders to federal criminal court for trial] will send to terrorists all over this dangerous world is this: If you kill civilians on American soil you will have greater protections than […]

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Have I Had a Whinge About UPS Lately?

No, because I’ve avoided buying anything that gets delivered by UPS. UPS’s lawyers won’t let them leave things at our building without a signature because who knows how long ago someone either scammed them or had someone actually steal something and made UPS cover the costs. Fine, fair enough, but in this small collection of […]

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