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(I’m generally too depressed by the news lately to comment much on anything, but, again, for the ol’ external memory drive, and read the whole thing) Weekly Standard – Let the People Decide From the dissenting opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia in U.S. v. Windsor To be sure (as the majority points out), the legislation […]

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A 40 Year History of Wedding Dresses

This is really interest. Mostly because it proves that the obligatory cupcake-and-chiffon dress wasn’t a Thing for (shall we say) post-virginal brides until, yup, the 1990s. I actually like dresses 2, 3, and 4 the best (the first one is lovely but if it’s done by a studio’s costume designer I don’t think it particularly […]

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Even the Touchy Feely Stuff Turns Total Cock Up

WaPo – Charles Krauthammer: Gay marriage: Empathy or right? There are two ways to defend gay marriage. Argument A is empathy: One is influenced by gay friends in committed relationships yearning for the fulfillment and acceptance that marriage conveys upon heterosexuals. That’s essentially the case President Obama made when he first announced his change of […]

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A Thing About Marriage

So, lots going on in the culture wars. There seems to be two sides (as represented on my Facebook feed, anyway): “Oh hey I’m against [X] but won’t really explain why very well, if at all” and “PEDOPHILE PRIESTS SO SHUT UP”. Right. So anyway, here’s a thing that explains at least the gay marriage […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXIII

I am in tears: TEARS!

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Tiger Wives!

I love this: Vanity Fair – This Year’s Model: The Trophy Wife vs. the Tiger Wife Especially the “Envious of:” column, which really made me laugh.

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That Was a Beautiful Wedding

EVERYTHING was gorgeous and I’m so glad I blew off work this morning to watch it. I loved everything about it (but woe betide the poor Princesses of York who will never live their outfits down) and I’ve rewatched the Jerusalem hymn at least four times today. The Royal Wedding Ceremony at Westminster Abbey (This […]

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Royal Wedding: Major Crisis

After basically ignoring all the non-news writing up till now (except perhaps the profiles of those involved) I’m letting myself get TOTALLY PSYCHED for the wedding tomorrow. However! I have a serious problem. The BBC’s coverage is being led by Fearne bloody Cotton. The Americans apparently have sent the ladies from Entertainment “This Is What […]

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Royal Wedding: Close Enough to Forecast

Uh oh: Telegraph – Royal wedding: heavy rain forecast for big day It’s the news the country had been dreading: the royal wedding could be hit by heavy showers as cooler weather sweeps across the south-east, forecasters have predicted. Well, it’s all meant to focus on what’s good and English about the country, right?

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I Am So Bored

Honestly, the world is coming apart at the seams, but — presumably because I feel so fatalistic about it all (we had a chance to win this shiz and blew it, imho) — I just can’t be bothered (I’m also getting my ass kicked by either a cold or allergies). And I don’t even have […]

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ROYAL WEDDING KLAXON: The Dress’s Designer Revealed

In The Times: It’s fashion’s biggest secret. Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress will be designed by Sarah Burton, creative director at one of Britain’s edgiest labels

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Say You’re At Stanford…

I finally got around to reading in full a column by Teddy Dalrymple on the Pope that RC2 linked to the other day. Since I do love a point-proving hypothetical: It is universally accepted that step-fathers, for example, are many times more likely to commit both physical and sexual abuse against children than biological fathers; […]

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Report What the Family Wear to the Wedding AFTER They’ve Worn It

Even I’m getting fed up with the wedding news. I was willing to make allowances in those first, heady 48 hours or so, when one assumes story editors were too buzzed with momentum, lack of sleep, the pressures of their bosses, the competition of the other newspaper and, one can only assume, cocaine, to form […]

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Thoughts On a Royal Engagement

(I have to weigh in, really, don’t I?) I find it rather gauche the way every slideshow of the engaged couple suddenly comes screeching with a clang to photos of Princess Diana in her 20s. Must everything be an excuse to run file photos of that poor woman in her evening gowns? I felt very […]

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Jazzing Up the Ramayana

I really liked this. Sure it’s an hour and twenty minutes, but it was really interesting, clever, entertaining, and has a really well composed little interlude of heart-break. Sita Sings the Blues It’s very episodic so if you have a few patches of free time this weekend I think it’s worth a watch. Update: I […]

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