Today’s Feminist Outrage du Jour

(Redundant, ain’t I?) The Sunday Times – India Knight: Kids, putting the man first makes a family Where else is he supposed to go on the list? Kids first, work second, husband third — how does that work in terms of a happy ending? Kirstie Allsopp, the presenter of Location, Location, Location, has got into […]

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Marriage != Achievement

Guardian – Michelle Obama is not the most powerful woman in the world Forbes’s list of 100 powerful women seems to confuse marriage with achievement Sigh: But Michelle Obama as number one – sorry? Apparently, she beats every chairwoman of the board, political leader and high-rolling one-woman entertainment conglomerate on the planet for her role […]

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Oh, There’s Beating Etiquette!

The Corner – Annals of Sharia: ‘Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings’ There’s a great comedy opportunity here. I see The Simpsons maybe, or one of the sitcoms, running a line where a pretty Muslim lady in a hijab and bruises keeps showing up and saying dryly “It’s just that my husband […]

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Mawwiage Is What Bwings Us Togevver

This is advertised to be (by Maggie Gallagher in The Corner) the best defense of marriage ever put in writing: National Review – The Case for Marriage The whole thing is pretty good, although it is rather long and wandering I kept wanting for the zinger to seal the deal. Plus it keeps comparing the […]

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Saving Teenagers, Walking Visas

This is very good: The Times – The British girls disappearing into forced marriages, by Lucy Bannerman “I was told I was staying here for ever,” she says [Tania (pseudonym), 16]. “For ever” often used to mean until 18 – the minimum age at which a Briton could sponsor a spouse’s entry to the UK. […]

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If All You’ve Seen So Far Has Been a Celebration of the Vanquishing of the “Tyranny of the Majority”

…Here’s a good round up of what actually happened: When he got to the “findings of fact,” he routinely stipulated and interpreted things in the most favorable light for those advancing same-sex marriage and called them “facts.” Here are examples of many of his facts and findings, which you are urged to read slowly and […]

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A Week of No Good News

I’m not in a particularly good mood today and the weather (hot, muggy, stagnant) isn’t helping. Neither is this: [Charles Krauthammer] On Robert Gibbs refusing to comment on the planned mosque at Ground Zero because it’s a “local” issue: It’s no more a local issue than 9/11 was a local New York event. That’s a […]

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On Happiness and Being In An Open Relationship

Bwah hah hah: Mashable – Facebook Analyzes How Relationship Status Impacts Happiness [STATS] Facebook already has a methodology for measuring the overall “happiness” of its users. It basically looks at how many positive words people use in their status updates (for English speaking users). This results in the USA Gross National Happiness Index. For this […]

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Marriage: It’s Not Even About Monogamy Anymore

NYT – Many Successful Gay Marriages Share an Open Secret As the trial phase of the constitutional battle to overturn the Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage concludes in federal court, gay nuptials are portrayed by opponents as an effort to rewrite the traditional rules of matrimony. Quietly, outside of the news media and courtroom […]

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Some Day I’ll Understand This Crap, But Not Today

WSJ – Married Couples Pay More Than Unmarried Under Health Bill For an unmarried couple with income of $25,000 each, combined premiums would be capped at $3,076 per year, under the House bill. If the couple gets married, with a combined income of $50,000, their annual premium cap jumps to $5,160 — a “penalty” of […]

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What If California Banned Divorce

I was about to tweet this with a comment like, “Gosh, it would be hilarious if it accidentally passed” (and I could see it happening, too, the press ignores it and doesn’t poll on it and everyone, both lonely souls, the married, the sad sack divorcés and the ironic all vote for it): SF Chronicle […]

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Keeping Free Unions Free

Telegraph – Plans to legalise cohabiting couples are anti-women and degrade relationships, says peer New rules to give cohabiting couples the same rights as those who get married “retard the emancipation of women” and degrade relationships, according to the chairman of the Bar Standards Board. Money quote: She said: “There is nothing to stop them […]

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Self-Funded Post-Kidnapping Repatriation

What? Telegraph Blogs – Tim Collard: How the Civil Service sabotages the campaign against forced marriages As we know, there is a problem in this country regarding forced marriages. Some families, generally originating from the Indian subcontinent, attempt to remove their children, usually daughters, from the UK in order to marry them off to someone […]

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Progressives Discover Discipline, Middle Class Values, Marriage?

Telegraph – Parental discipline ‘key factor’ in giving children best start, says think tank<br/> Parents who discipline their children are giving their offspring the best chance in life, according to a report by Demos, the progressive think-tank. The report, Building Character, studied data from 9,000 households in Britain to find out what sort of upbringing […]

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Foot, Meet Bullet

Well, well, well. It turns out that little vote we Washingtonians (well, not we precisely because I never registered to vote and Peter was somehow listed as “inactive” (uh huh suuuuure)) just had on Prop 71 with the obnoxious “Protect all Washington families” tagline (and “keep the domestic partnership line” tagline on most of the […]

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