I’ve Invented a Cocktail!

So, as everyone knows, there’s the Whiskey Mac: 1 part blended Scotch 1 part green ginger wine And then there’s the Ginger Mac: 1 part Scotch 1 part King’s Ginger Liqueur But now I’ve invented this: 1 part King’s Ginger Liqueur 1 part Gin I’m calling it… The Ginger Jack!* * No research has been […]

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The Books of [2012 and] 2013!

(2012 is getting included as I skipped out on doing this last year) Unlike virtuous, self-improving people with social lives like RC2, I tend to stick to novels, and I tend to be a pretty easy mark on books so if I read something about one or read an interview with an author suddenly I […]

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Thankful for PIE

And other things, but why itemize them here. So this year I’ve four pies, and I thought I would itemize those: 1. Pecan Pie, from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. I’ve replaced the corn syrup with brown rice syrup, and a tablespoon of black treacle for colour. Don’t tell anyone. 2. Brit + Co: The Ultimate […]

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Hey Guys, I Went to ICELAND!

Some observations about the place that aren’t so surprising: 1. Everyone in Reykjavik is very young. This isn’t surprising because one is always amazed at the youth of people in European cities (where they actually go out and DO things: “Look ma, a yoof!”). 2. It smells surprisingly strongly at times of sulfur, as it […]

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Alan Titchmarsh Reads!

Amazing Bible Stories! I’m going on a small car trip tomorrow with The Child and was looking up books on tape on iTunes (remember those cassettes that came with Disney storybooks? yeah they don’t exist anymore) and! And! “King Saul could give no answer /Yorkshire accent Update: There’s also Judi Dench doing the alphabet, and […]

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Aethelflaed, the Lady of Mercia

See, the trouble with the entire world, really, is that we live with the internet, wherein I know that there’s this TV documentary airing, even if it is airing in a different country, but I still know about it, and I still see people’s reactions to it, and I can still Google it and see […]

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Two Threes

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In My Glorious Rule…

We would build miles of neighborhoods like these (near suburban train stations, downtown cores, over deserted and hideous strip malls…) SF Girl by Bay – LITTLE HOUSES OF WESTLAKE. They’re all 2 or 3 bedroom homes, with 1 bathroom, and tiny, manageable yards. Because to get started on the housing ladder, you do NOT need […]

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My Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, I made Irish Soda Bread, so that was a thing. But I had a smoothie for lunch, and made an English-ish lamb recipe for dinner. With an apple cider sauce (not Guinness). And bought (and then sampled) a new bottle of sherry, this time with a royal warrant for the King of Spain (in […]

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Jan Steen: A Painter For Our Age

(Unrelated, but: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!) On Friday I went to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to see the Girl with a Pear Earring (Dutch Paintings From the Mauritshuis). It really is a lovely painting. Nobody seems to point out how Vermeer seems to have put the whole thing out of focus (especially […]

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Belated Merry Christmas, As Well as Some Movie Reviews

Ahoy there from the inter-festa deep! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas? Ours was very good, indeed. And then as we were driving back from my ancestral pile (so to speak), I thought “Well, that’s Christmas over, I suppose.” It always seems a bit anti-climactic, don’t you think? It’s a good thing Peter has […]

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Weekend Plans?

2012 Scottish Highland Games & Gathering in Pleasanton, California And omg there’s gonna be sheepdog trials.

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2⁴ + 4²

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The Dahlia That Lived

Celebrate life, people, cuz this huge branch of my way-too-leggy dahlia snapped nearly completely off last month, but I staked it up a bit (to take the weight off a neighboring citrus) and not only did the branch not dry up (tho it did try every time it got a little warm), but it even […]

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