The Dahlia That Lived

Celebrate life, people, cuz this huge branch of my way-too-leggy dahlia snapped nearly completely off last month, but I staked it up a bit (to take the weight off a neighboring citrus) and not only did the branch not dry up (tho it did try every time it got a little warm), but it even […]

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I’m Famous!

Enjoy… LOL

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Insert Romantic Tropical Musings on the Pace of Modern Life Etc Etc Etc

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You’ll Never Guess Where I Am

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As Any Kitchen Pr0n Addict Would Know

I know this kitchen. I know it intimately, if a little virtually. It’s Jamie Oliver’s. Or else Jamie Oliver’s been pretending big time: Liberty London Girl – Behind the Scenes on the Sainsbury’s LLG Recipe Shoot for the May Issue Because we were shooting in a private home… She says, as if it hasn’t already […]

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Other Books What I Been Reading

I read more than just The Hunger Games, people. Honest I do. Please don’t judge me. I’ve also read these worthwhile and erudite works: Pigeon English: This was very good. About a young boy from Ghana who moves into a council flat in London with his family, leaving his father behind to finish some things […]

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The Hunger Games: Mea Culpa

So, where was I all last week? Reading The Hunger Games. I’m sorry! A coworker lent it to me! And it’s one of those stupid books (then series of three books) where if you don’t just finish the damned thing you’ll be up all night every time you pick it up so you might as […]

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It’s Been a While Since the Blogs Passed Around a Political Test

Somewhere, out there, a journalistic just assumed I’m a Jooooooo. The test: Political My result: You are a Neo-Conservative. 2 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 71 percent are more extremist than you.

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Past Vanity

Remember this? That was for my first round, January 26, 2007. Purely by accident, round 2 was today, one day past exactly four five years later (4 5 years exactly if you go Friday – Friday). Weird. So weird. This begins considerably more than three days of Vicodin. At least, this time I got them […]

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Books of 2011 (And Previous to 2006)

You’ll never guess what I found: My book notebook! Yea, verily, the little black notebook that I write down everything I read in. Once upon a time I planned on doing a Sunday Books of the Year list at the last day of every year, but after 2005, every time New Years rolled around, I […]

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I Have a Computer Again!

…Sort of. It’s running off of Peter’s external hard drive. Basically, my car is on cinder blocks and the engine is toast but I’ve got some cables running out of an engine up on a table so I can sit in the driver’s seat and run the air conditioning. It works.

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O My Little Trusty iMac, How Still We See Thee Liiiiiiie

Happy belated Christmas, all. Thank you for leaving your good wishes in the non sequitorious Kim Jong Il post. Because you see, yesterday, here’s what happened: I wake up my iMac first thing and trot off to get coffee and whatnot. Presents were opened. That kind of thing. 20 minutes later or so I return […]

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Cuz You Know This Is a Guaranteed Sale

I have no need for Cinnamon Sugar Spiced Pecans, but: “Mashuga Nuts” A few lines from the packaging: “A nut your mother will love” “The chosen pecan” “Oy… Ingredients so good we had to pay retail!” “Delivered by Schlemiels on Wheels” (I love that my phone knew to autocomplete Schlemiel) “Novato, CA 94949 What… You […]

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Peter and I went up to the city today to see the Maharaja exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. I had never been to the Asian Art Museum and had no idea it was right across the street from City Hall. It’s really lovely. Totally by accident we ended up doing the whole thing backwards […]

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In Which I Feel Smug About My Weekend Plans

Whenever I plan holidays and things, I always have an image in my head of things going like they always seem to do in travel magazines or Sunset: Well-appointed but reasonably priced independently run lodgings, organic, locally-sourced food served in whimsical settings, one or two big-name tourist traps just to punctuate the trip, and everything […]

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