Sniffle XLXIII: A Bright Light in a Bad Situation Edition

I’ve often rhapsodized on the wonder of plucky, western Australia (and New Zealand, yes) floating around in the middle of a big ocean surrounded by…well, the sorts of countries that the families of the lost flight MH370 have had to deal with for the past two and a half weeks (at the time of writing). […]

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Fullbore Lump In Throat

This week is on the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya: Cdr Salamander – Fullbore Friday

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*Cough* Feminism

Can I just say, notwithstanding anything else (because, God, let’s face it, the cast of characters is getting way too big to follow), I wish Good Luck to Chelsea Manning, formerly of Bradley fame, and hope that she’s able to cope with whatever it is she’s going through on top of, oh gee, the terrible […]

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On Matters South American

What’s funny is he looks like such a great little film-quality British villain colonial twerp. But I digress. Three items: HuffPo – Sean Penn Talks Falklands Dispute, Takes Argentina’s Side Penn met with Argentine President Cristina Kirchner on Monday and then urged Britain to join U.N.-sponsored talks over what he called “the Malvinas Islands of […]

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Meanwhile, In Iran

It’s been quiet in Iran lately. Not a lot of mass protests or rigged elections. Just the usual imminent nuclear armament, so nothing to keep it in the headlines out here in the west. Obv. The Times – Iran’s elite Guard ‘runs global crime network pushing heroin to West’ Apparently the Revolutionary Guard have taken […]

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ABC – Still Vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknowns Despite Irene Or there would’ve been tears if I hadn’t been stupid enough to click on the video. I figured, “hell, maybe I’ll get something meaningful about the sense of duty to history’s fallen” but no. This video is the first bit of news coverage […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXIV

Hahaha: The Onion – Pakistani Intelligence Announces Its Full Cooperation With U.S. Forces During Upcoming Top Secret June 12 Drone Strike On Al-Qaeda At 5:23 A.M. Near Small Town Of Razmani In North Waziristan I love the image. And the caption. Hehehe.

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The Ethical Upshot of Shooting bin Laden In the Face

…At Wheat & Weeds. Hmm.

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American Exceptionalism, and Money

Well, this is depressing: WSJ – The Decline of U.S. Naval Power Sixty ships were commonly underway in America’s seaward approaches in 1998, but today there are only 20. We are abdicating our role on the oceans. Last week, pirates attacked and executed four Americans in the Indian Ocean. We and the Europeans have endured […]

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Tonight We Watched Hurt Locker

And for much of it, all I could think of was this: Horrible, I know. But I’m very tired today and obviously it’s affecting my brain. The rest of the movie was good, but I thought the end was a little lame.

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Modern Music: Uniting the World Through Postmodernism

What else could unite Trekkies, the Israeli Defense Force, and the Simpsons, all on the same day (honestly, the Simpsons one is the only one I came across because I was looking at the others; the other two were purely coincidentally and nearly sequentially discovered) And, you know, just cuz, here’s the original Ke$ha “Tik […]

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Checking In On How My War Is Doing

Hey it’s Saturday morning! Time to ruin your mood! Same bat time, same bat columnist… Macleans – Mark Steyn: Where ‘nice’ Obama has got us Why would Ahmadinejad take him seriously when even Karzai flips him the finger? The toppling of the Taliban was an operation conducted with extraordinary improvised ingenuity and a very light […]

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My Phone Makes Grown Nerds Cry, Does Yours?

Watch this video. Soldiers! AND babies! I defy you to get at LEAST a little misty-eyed! And I hadn’t even THOUGHT of the deaf people! Apple <3 Peter says they played this video at the keynote, and at the sign language part everyone erupted in applause. And really. Yay!

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Northern Ireland Again

Yikes: The Sunday Times – Return to Bloody Sunday The authors investigated the shootings for The Sunday Times. They reveal how their findings became pivotal to the inquiry. Peter Pringle and Philip Jacobson On Tuesday at 8am, a small band of lawyers, among them Britain’s best and brightest, will enter the Guildhall in Londonderry under […]

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In Which They Went To The Parade

I love this story: Wheat & Weeds – In Which We Go To The Parade

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