The Shut Up Brigade

Hello! I’ve been in Maui for a week and a half. And pretty much the entire time I was there, the news was erupting with some new story about how we’re not allowed to talk about things we’re not allowed to talk about. Mark Steyn’s written a column on the subject in the UK and […]

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We’re All Doomed, Etc, Post Shutdown Edition, Part 262

NRO – Mark Steyn: Potemkin Parliament Washington’s governing systems are in a bad way. Pull quote: “If only we could get American conservatives to be as fiscally responsible as Canadian liberals.” Read the whole thing. Then you can cheer yourself up with a big long article I tweeted last night on suicidal people jumping off […]

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Trains! The “Holy Codswalloping Corruption, Batman” Edition

Technically this is a Peter Recommends, because he’s been referencing it off and on since it was published last October, but he finally sent it to me yesterday: The New Yorker – BOSS RAILThe disaster that exposed the underside of the boom. By Evan Osnos It’s very long, and I could’ve quoted the whole thing […]

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In My Glorious Rule… (II)

Rich people would be forced to contribute to public works. Why, in the Bay Area, where houses (albeit large ones, but nothing particularly old or historic or haunted or with a moat) sell for a hundred million dollars, do we have a historic lighthouse begging for change so it can be repaired before it literally […]

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Serious Question (On Real Estate, Rich People, and Equality)

I have a long essay/rant/screed/ramble in my head on the topic, and honestly, who wants to read that (read also: who wants to type it out), but thinking is easy; working out a solution is another thing entirely. Is there any particular reason of liberty and equality and the rest of all that jazz why […]

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Another Corker Setting Us Squarely Where We Are!

Why can’t politicians ever say any of this crap? FFS*. NRO – Mark Steyn: Sequestageddon Government-by-fake-disaster-movie seems to be going swimmingly for Obama. For instance, someone could easily work in a non-scandalous phrasing of the following points: [M]aybe it would be easier to reinstate this critical $44 billion and cut the other $3.8 trillion, which […]

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In honour of: There’s this (curtsy: vanderleun): Gold Bullion Vault – Periodic Table of Videos From the Periodic Table of Videos project.

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It’s the Most Awfulest Time Of the Year

This (the Monday before Election Day (even if it’s more like Election Month; in America, even Election Day never ends)) has to be my least favourite day of any year. The stomach acid builds as, even though one’s been blithely ignoring everything as much as possible to avoid losing one’s mind, the candidates get on […]

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Congratulations, EU!

The European Union has won the Nobel Prize! Hurrah! Now, I was under the impression that, since the awards from the Nobel Committee can’t be awarded posthumously, then it must necessarily therefore go to an actual, upright person, but I suppose if you only count living citizens of the European Experiment, it still works, sort […]

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The Golden Gate Bridge: You Didn’t Build That

This is very good: Reason – Obama’s Shaggy Dog Story About the Golden Gate Bridge Matt Welch The history of who, and how, they built the Golden Gate Bridge is very good (I especially like that it took lobbying from the automotive industry, cuz boy have times changed, to get the Feds to sell them […]

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More Than Me Whining Again About a Lack of Terraced Housing In This Country

Telegraph – Harry Mount: Architectural beauty – and private home ownership – relieve poverty There’s a show on BBC 2 called “Secret History of our Streets” which sounds amazing: Caledonian Road is near where I was brought up – and the programme illustrates really well how architectural beauty, and private ownership, relieved the poverty of […]

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Hey Guys, What’re Y’All Doing With Your Millions This Year?

Daily Mail – For sale – a Jane Austen fantasy: Entire £50m Georgian Bath crescent goes on the market for the first time in 200 years How bout it?

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Politics and the Publisher’s Clearing House

I haven’t seen any mail from Publisher’s Clearing House promising the millions I’ve already won in a decade at least. Maybe they all got new jobs as campaign fundraisers. Ferrealz. Wheat & Weeds – The Obama Presidency. Now With More Clooney!

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXXIII

I think this can be taken as a commentary on all national film councils (Peter was telling me about the Canadian animated-short-Oscar-nominees saying their funded projects took 2 and 6 years respectively), but the British ones do tend to be awfully one-trick, eh? Erm, language, and NSFW. Kevin Curtis is a Dead Man

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The Sane, Sensible, Not-Screeching-Down-a-News-Feed-On-Facebook-For-Three-Days-Straight Reaction

From today’s Best of the Web: [Y]ou might consider following the advice of our friend Susan Carusi: Give to a local breast cancer support group, “which provides counseling and assistance to women diagnosed with breast cancer. At least this way you know exactly what the money is being spent on.” Probably also more practical than […]

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