A Matter of Cash: It’s Come To This

Business Insider – Apple Now Has More Cash Than The U.S. Government According to the latest daily statement from the U.S. Treasury, the government had an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion at the end of the day yesterday. Apple’s last earnings report showed that the company had $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities […]

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$4.6 Million For a Certain White Dress

The other day I tweeted that if anyone wants the 90MB PDF of Debbie Reynold’s auction of film memorabilia, here’s the link. Today I noticed this article on the Beeb, about certain higher profile items selling, with this sidenote: Peter Bowes BBC News, Los Angeles Debbie Reynolds has made a mint from her collection of […]

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Arcadia for Oligarchs

At first I saw this headline and thought someone was getting hysterical about global warming, but it turns out it’s another in a theme of the super rich moving things out of reach: Telegraph – Harry Mount: The global elite has stolen the English summer [T]he English summer and social calendar has, in recent years, […]

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“A Reason to Travel”, Indeed

(Sorry about yesterday but, well, TGIF and all that) HalfEmpty sent this to me and I think it’s pretty darned cool (spending money on walking! and not biking! hurrah!): Reuters – Floating path on London’s Thames gets $100 mln nod London Mayor Boris Johnson said the kilometre-long pontoon design, known as “the London River Park”, […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXIII

A tale of money, intrigue, and flies: Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

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Here’s Another Reason I Don’t Blog About Anything Anymore

The Times, my precious Times, is behind a paywall and rather strict about people reproducing too much outside the paywall. And I feel bad linking to everything inside the paywall because I know nobody pays for it. But I pay, and I think it’s worth it. But that’s okay, whatever. Then there are articles like […]

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Why Did I Click On This

Too late now (£): A rigid cut off of 24 weeks, below which no baby would be resuscitated, may make economic sense — it may even make moral and ethical sense given the likely toll on the child’s health as he or she gets older — but try telling that to the parents, doctors and […]

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The Screwed Middle

This is very good: The Times – Will the people in the middle ever get richer? By Philip Collins Alarming.

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American Exceptionalism, and Money

Well, this is depressing: WSJ – The Decline of U.S. Naval Power Sixty ships were commonly underway in America’s seaward approaches in 1998, but today there are only 20. We are abdicating our role on the oceans. Last week, pirates attacked and executed four Americans in the Indian Ocean. We and the Europeans have endured […]

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New Genre: Bureaucracy Thrillers!

A bear has just excused himself into the woods: Guardian – Wang Xiaofang exposes world of Chinese bureaucracy Bestselling author exposes shady world while readers buy his books to get insight into how to become government officials Far from glorifying the Communist party apparatus, these books offer readers a glimpse into a shady world where […]

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A Government With No Use For People

Somebody once worked for a man she said was the worst kind of misogynist: A gay misogynist. He didn’t even need women for sex. I’m reminded of that right now. I think most politicians hate people (when counting on a global scale, that is), but at least they need to make an occasional effort to […]

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Teenagers “Quite Tense”

I love this story: “10 billionth app” Mom hung up on Apple Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK was the winner of Apple’s 10 billion App Store download contest. The UK mother won the contest with the Paper Glider application that was downloaded by one of her daughters using an iPod touch. In a comical […]

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Dead Christian Legacies

Hmm, two stories today, both British (but that’s probably purely an accident of my weighted Twitter returns): Telegraph Blogs – Damian Thompson: The closure of Ushaw: a message for Archbishop Kelly To The Most Rev Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool, and the trustees of Ushaw College. We, the undersigned, are concerned by the news that […]

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Jeez Bring Up a Little Aids Relief…

I’ve been busy so I might have missed the loop, but, uh, is this widespread? John Derbyshire: I wish George W. Bush would shut up and go away. He keeps reminding me what a fool I was ever to think that the man has a conservative bone in his body. o_O

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Peter’s Firstborn Shall Be Called… Anatole

The Times – The pay gap is putting democracy in danger, by Anatole Kaletsky Mr Cameron asked Mr Hutton, a lifelong Labour supporter and passionate campaigner for social equality, to chair a Fair Pay Review. Mr Hutton suggests that extreme inequality, as well as being morally repugnant, imposes huge economic losses on society. Far from […]

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