Oh Mo

Preemptive Update! I wrote this post over a month ago, but then got lazy and didn’t finish the last couple of links (still haven’t, but honestly I think I’ve got the basics covered), but then this morning I saw this Tell Mama link posted below, which made me think a) Oh that’s hilarious, who COULD […]

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Boy Cambridge

I really thought it would be a girl. I kind of hoped it would be a boy so we could avoid all the endless gnashing of teeth over the law changing and whatnot, but I didn’t even think what boy name I’d place a bet on (I was kind of thinking Alexandra would be in […]

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*Bursts Into Applause*

I’ve been reading this, via Janice Turner’s Twitter feed, on my phone, and I’ve gotten up to “there are criticisms flying about” and I had to get up and link to it on here because I just keep laughing out loud and doing subtle air punches (we’ve just had dinner, the child is in bed, […]

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On Stupid Laws and Stupid Reactions To Them

Mark Steyn is very much worth a read today, on the people who obviously didn’t mean to break the so-numerous-as-to-be-unknowable laws they broke but were still punished, because they aren’t on NBC: NRO – Mark Steyn: Laws Are for Little People And not for David Gregory.

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That Poor Nurse

I certainly hope that it doesn’t turn out that the poor lady who accidentally talked to those two silly DJs about Kate’s hospital stay was hounded by the press to an extent that that’s what turned out to put her over the edge. For one thing, our royal father-to-be will be severely cheesed off, as […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXC

I love Zara Phillips, really I do, and not in a ridiculous “Zomg she’s nearly a princess!” sort of way, but in a “Gosh she’s cool, and so talented, and so nice seeming, and just like a real person,” but still, this is really, really funny. From a tweet, which said: This Guardian picture caption […]

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Mitt Romney Vs the Olympics: “Kiss My Ass, Show Some Respect” Indeed

Read this: Telegraph Blogs – Tim Stanley: NBC’s Olympic coverage has been a damning indictment of outdated monopoly media Especially this line: As global diplomacy goes, the network makes Mitt Romney look like Henry Kissinger. Then remember this classic from Mark Steyn, writing about how impartial our MSM is and why we rubes should rely […]

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I have spent most of this weekend collecting historical-minded stories and downloading photos of the river pageant (why not meeee), and perhaps I’ll do a recap for the external memory drive when the weekend’s over, but in the meantime, the Sunday Times (free this weekend!) has published its Coronation Issue from 1953, and there’s just […]

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It Was Inevitable, Wasn’t It

A continuation in an occasional series in which I rail against the habits of Mark Steyn’s content-providers vis-a-vis ads… This page on The Corner, resplendent with ads and promotions, has failed to load the actual Mark Steyn post. Oops! (It’s probably just a bug in Safari in case none of you can repro it (for […]

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The Times, my mental home-away-from-home (and let’s be honest, I follow so many of them on Twitter, I spend most of my day with its columnists gathered around my mental table, laughing and carrying on, even if I just lurk quietly in a corner chair), is having layoffs. No one’s mentioned it, not really, but […]

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Fun With Headlines

The Times, homepage, above the full colour photo of Meryl Streep in a blue suit: Cameron attacks timing of ‘Iron Lady’ dementia film First line under the photo: David Cameron launched an extraordinary attack today on… What he actually said: “My sense was: a great piece of acting – really a rather staggering piece of […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXIX

Best Local News Bloopers of 2011: Epic. Omg so good.

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But Are The Regional Editions Any Thicker

This is hilarious: These Time Magazine Covers Explain Why Americans Know Nothing About The World

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXVIII

The “Expert” is the best part: The Onion Newsroom: Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere (Obviously: Language alert)

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I Am the 1000+

In which I join the Occupy movement: WaPo – Occupy Google Reader: Changes to the RSS feed irk the ‘sharers’ When Google announced last week that Google Reader, an RSS aggregator with social-networking capability, would be rolling its social features into Google+, its disappointed readers felt helpless and disenfranchised against a powerful force. Hey, kind […]

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