Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXIX

Best Local News Bloopers of 2011: Epic. Omg so good.

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Alex Salmond?

The Times’ Briton of the Year? I suppose we should be relieved it isn’t Pippa Middleton. (Or her bottom.)

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But Are The Regional Editions Any Thicker

This is hilarious: These Time Magazine Covers Explain Why Americans Know Nothing About The World

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXVIII

The “Expert” is the best part: The Onion Newsroom: Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere (Obviously: Language alert)

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I Am the 1000+

In which I join the Occupy movement: WaPo – Occupy Google Reader: Changes to the RSS feed irk the ‘sharers’ When Google announced last week that Google Reader, an RSS aggregator with social-networking capability, would be rolling its social features into Google+, its disappointed readers felt helpless and disenfranchised against a powerful force. Hey, kind […]

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ABC – Still Vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknowns Despite Irene Or there would’ve been tears if I hadn’t been stupid enough to click on the video. I figured, “hell, maybe I’ll get something meaningful about the sense of duty to history’s fallen” but no. This video is the first bit of news coverage […]

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It’s a Good Thing Brokers Don’t Wear Tank Tops and Shorts to Work

The Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Blog

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Tiger Wives!

I love this: Vanity Fair – This Year’s Model: The Trophy Wife vs. the Tiger Wife Especially the “Envious of:” column, which really made me laugh.

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Rebekah… Coming Soon in a Reasonably Priced Car?

Jeremy Clarkson’s on rather fine form tomorrow: The Sunday Times – Okay, I’ll come clean on Rebekah and the Chipping Norton plot I’ve kept quiet for six months but now I feel the time is right to tell all. What Rebekah and Cameron talked about most of all is sausage rolls I love the bit […]

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The Murdoch Apologia

In the Spectator: ‘Simon Jenkins, now a Guardian columnist, wrote before the current horrors that Murdoch ‘is the best thing that ever happened to the British media and they hate it.’ He was right. There are obviously many things wrong with Murdoch’s group, but without his epic victory over the print unions in the 1980s, […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXVIII

At first I was all, “Oh lawd,” but then I realized I was laughing. Really laughing*: In truth, a kind of British Spring is under way, now that the News Corporation’s tidy system of punishment and reward has crumbled. Members of Parliament, no longer fearful of retribution in Mr. Murdoch’s tabloids, are speaking their minds […]

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Another One (With a Million More Readers Than the NYT) Bites the Dust

The first ever News of the World: The last: More: The Economist – Back to the coffee house The internet is taking the news industry back to the conversational culture of the era before mass media

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Well, it’s been quite a day for journalism. Specifically, 200 or so journalists in Wapping who once had a job working for the world’s most-read English language newspaper which has been published since 1843. And for Ryan Giggs’ (et al) social calendar, as it were. A good roundup (but by all means see my retweets […]

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A Punchline For the Internet Age

As someone who thinks “That’s racist” is about the funniest thing ever (that and anything-comma-son, as in “I find this funny, son” which always makes me laugh, no matter the context), I thought this was hilarious, as well as very /facepalm-inducing: The Corner – Jonah Goldberg: ‘That’s Racist’ The accusation becomes a punch line. I […]

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The Dalai Lama Walks Into a Pizza Shop

Oh man.

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