Tree Climbing For the Future

Telegraph – Children ‘getting weaker because they don’t climb trees’ Dr Sandercock said: “This is probably due to changes in activity patterns among English 10-year-olds, such as taking part in fewer activities like rope-climbing in PE and tree-climbing for fun.” “Typically, these activities boosted children’s strength, making them able to lift and hold their own […]

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The Accidental Sea

I have never heard of the Salton Sea, and I grew up in California: A wee bit hysterical in places, perhaps, but ever-so-interesting.

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Camel Case

Holy hell: The camels can chug more than 50 gallons of water in three minutes From: Discovery News – FERAL CAMELS PLAGUE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK Feral camels in the Australian desert are attacking air conditioning units, toilet systems and more in a desperate search for water.

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Apparently the world’s new tallest tree is in an undisclosed location in Redwood National Forest in California: More, and a really cool montage/panograph of the previous record holder, at NPR. So a belated Earth Day to you all.

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Japanese Quake and Tsunami on NOVA

NOVA (on PBS) does a special on the Japanese Quake: Watch the full episode. See more NOVA. It’s a little annoying that the only people worth talking to are, evidently, Americans (and the odd Brit) but I guess Americans (even PBS-watchers) aren’t interested in reading too many subtitles. And they couldn’t have come up with […]

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Shackleton’s Whisky

So cool: The History Blog – Shackleton’s whisky lives again and it’s delicious Last summer, researchers from the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand thawed a crate of whisky found frozen solid under the floorboards of explorer Ernest Shackleton’s hut on Ross Island, Antarctica, in 2006. Whisky experts were all agog over the prospect of […]

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Modern Interactive Journalism Officially Jumps the Shark

I don’t know what paper this is from; I found it via Twitter:

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Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week To Run Out of Gas

Have you seen the price of diesel lately? I think I can make it till Wednesday. So: The French air force seemed to have kicked some serious ass today in Libya. It’s nice to see them demonstrating their abilities for the world. Hate seeing them lumped in with the rest of the European elf-n-safety forces. […]

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I’m swiftly losing the ability to cope with this story. This has not helped: The Times – Why quakes leave the Japanese unshakeable, by Ben Macintyre They call it ‘gaman’ – the unflappable stoicism that helps this nation survive whatever nature throws at it Related: The Corner – Dr Robert Zubrin: Anti-Nuclear Press Puts Japanese […]

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Forest Sale (And Celebrities Are Suckers For Immigrants?)

This is from last week, so it’s a little out of date as events on the ground have changed, somewhat (Imma catching up on my iPad app): The Sunday Times – Charles Clover: Tim-ber! Down go the forest sale disaster myths The disturbing thing is that the celebrities and politicians seem to know so little […]

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Modern Man

I love this article. It took me nearly a week to read it, but it was worth it. Anyway I don’t have a lot of time to spend on “long form” online content, as it were. Anyway read the whole thing, even if it takes you several days. The New Yorker – SOCIAL ANIMAL How […]

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What Can Brown Do For You?

Oh man: Wheat & Weeds has several amazing miner morsels: The wonderful story of the rescue of the Chilean miners has an American twist: their rescue was engineered primarily by an American named Jeff Hart, who’s made himself into the world’s foremost drill expert. Jeff Hart was drilling water wells for the U.S. Army’s forward […]

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An Especially Oleaginous Puget Sound

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill in Seattle. Pretty incredible. Update: We can visualize an especially radioactive Puget Sound too: NRO – Daniel Foster: Nuke It?

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Piste Off

Italy’s common-sense legislation of the day (that was originally intended to be the title of this entry but I opted to go for the lame pun instead (standards, you know)): Telegraph – Italy to jail people who set off avalanches Skiers and snowboarders who set off deadly avalanches in Italy could face imprisonment and hefty […]

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Glaciers and Rain Forests and Politicians Gathering On Top Of Mount Flipping Everest, Oh My!

The Globe & Mail – The great global warming collapse As the science scandals keep coming, the air has gone out of the climate-change movement, by Margaret Wente The impetus for the Copenhagen conference was that the science makes it imperative for us to act. But even if that were true – and even if […]

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