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Preemptive Update! I wrote this post over a month ago, but then got lazy and didn’t finish the last couple of links (still haven’t, but honestly I think I’ve got the basics covered), but then this morning I saw this Tell Mama link posted below, which made me think a) Oh that’s hilarious, who COULD […]

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Tsunami, Death, and All That Stuff Westerners Don’t Get

The LRB – Ghosts of the Tsunami, by Richard Lloyd Parry An early representative snippet: A cab driver in the city of Sendai picked up a sad-faced man who asked to be taken to an address that no longer existed. Halfway through the journey, he looked into his mirror to see that the rear seat […]

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Being Used As Line-Sitters For the Boys On a Field Trip Because They’re Jewels, See

From this article: No fairy tales or singing for pupils The head and his deputy at a Muslim free school were allegedly bullied out of their posts by religious hardliners Worse than the not allowing singing (except faith songs), or stringed instruments (why the hell are stringed instruments un-Islamic?), or the headscarves for non-Muslim teachers, […]

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Death on the Nile

Mark Steyn: The Princess and the Brotherhood For nine decades, Egypt has fled modernity. For my part, I would bet Egypt’s fate will be largely driven by its fiscal ruin. Morsi is a good example of what happens when full-blown Islamic rule is put into effect in a country without the benefit of oil. He’s […]

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In Which Some Corners of the Internet Are Vastly Superior to Others

It’s a funny old world. One must never, never, never read the comments of a news article, a newspaper opinion article, a youtube video, a post on a political blog (unless independently run and strictly moderated); even amazon and yelp reviews will mostly only serve to cause confusion and anguish (best to stick to the […]

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Catholic Beefcake

Daily Mail – A win and a prayer: Devout Catholic rugby star shows off the tattoos he hopes will keep the man upstairs on his side Truly, this story brings all good things together: New Zealanders, Australia, rugby studliness, ‘n God. He’s the sort of guy you’d be proud to have on a poster in […]

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The Post Druid Bishop Welby

He’s about as anti-Druid as you can get (without being a woman as well). So we’ll have to find another nickname. The Arch…Etonion is all I got, and it’s not very good. This is a very good write-up in the Telegraph: Telegraph – Fraser Nelson: The worldly capitalist looking to spread the Word of the […]

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Not With a Bang But By Numbers

Hoooo-boy: NRO – Mark Steyn: President of the Future Unfortunately the rest of us have to live in Obama’s present. In the America over which Barack Obama has the tedious chore of actually presiding, second-quarter GDP growth was revised down from 1.7 percent to 1.3 percent — or, in layman’s terms, from “barely detectable” to […]

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Religion in Africa

There are some interesting numbers in this: Vatican Insider – Africa: Christians outnumber Muslims The figures revealed at [a conference in Morocco], today, Christians account for 46, 53% of the African population compared to the 40, 46 % represented by Muslims and the 11, 8% represented by traditional African religions. The study states that among […]

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Pastor Youcef

Late to this, but Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been released after three years in jail for apostacy and other ridiculous charges, which included a death sentence. I’m giving credit to RC2‘s relentless Twitter campaign (and the efforts of Amnesty International and the State Department and lots of other organizations besides).

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Miscellaneous Sex Stuff

First, a fairly good essay for laying out the basic arguments without falling into the “eww icky” trap like so many do, except this still irritated me just because of her language choices. I mean, let’s face it, if I gave this to just about any one of my peers to read, they’d call her […]

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Did Somebody Say “War On Women”

Foreign Policy.com – Why Do They Hate Us? The real war on women is in the Middle East. By Mona Eltahawy Some may ask why I’m bringing this up now, at a time when the region has risen up, fueled not by the usual hatred of America and Israel but by a common demand for […]

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The Warron Wimmin

The other day I retweeted a thing from Jonah Goldberg (in two parts): You know a real war on women is happening in Afghanistan, where they throw acid in the face of girls trying to read. Saying that women should be charged for their own birth control is a “war on women” is grotesque by […]

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A Thing About Marriage

So, lots going on in the culture wars. There seems to be two sides (as represented on my Facebook feed, anyway): “Oh hey I’m against [X] but won’t really explain why very well, if at all” and “PEDOPHILE PRIESTS SO SHUT UP”. Right. So anyway, here’s a thing that explains at least the gay marriage […]

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Who Says Prayer Is Dead

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Well now.

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