Your Age On Other Planets

I am gratified to see Pluto included in this page. Go the Exporatorium.

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Peter Recommends CXXXIII

A tale of money, intrigue, and flies: Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

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Shackleton’s Whisky

So cool: The History Blog – Shackleton’s whisky lives again and it’s delicious Last summer, researchers from the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand thawed a crate of whisky found frozen solid under the floorboards of explorer Ernest Shackleton’s hut on Ross Island, Antarctica, in 2006. Whisky experts were all agog over the prospect of […]

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Nukes: It’s What’s Hot On Twitter

This made a splash today: Guardian – The unpalatable truth is that the anti-nuclear lobby has misled us all I’ve discovered that when the facts don’t suit them, the movement resorts to the follies of cover-up they usually denounce, by George Monbiot Hmm. hmm

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American Exceptionalism, and Money

Well, this is depressing: WSJ – The Decline of U.S. Naval Power Sixty ships were commonly underway in America’s seaward approaches in 1998, but today there are only 20. We are abdicating our role on the oceans. Last week, pirates attacked and executed four Americans in the Indian Ocean. We and the Europeans have endured […]

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Modern Man

I love this article. It took me nearly a week to read it, but it was worth it. Anyway I don’t have a lot of time to spend on “long form” online content, as it were. Anyway read the whole thing, even if it takes you several days. The New Yorker – SOCIAL ANIMAL How […]

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Peter Recommends CXXX

“It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as […]

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Prenatal Ewephant

*lip quiver* Daily Mail – Extraordinary ultrasound of George the baby elephant curled up inside his mother’s womb LOOKIT HIS ICKLE TRUNK

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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago my TOTAL FREAKOUT on Twitter when Janice Dickinson posted pictures of the ducklings and chicks that hatched from the eggs her son incubated. Eggs from Sainsbury’s. Organic eggs, out of a refrigerator, intended for cracking into a frying pan. BEGAT LIFE. Well she’s written about the […]

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Dear John, From Hal

Something James Delingpole found for his Telegraph blog, and reprinted in its entirety (as am I (can’t stop the signal!)): Dear Curt: [as Dear John letters go, "Dear Curt" is a really good one] When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted […]

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Dear God, They Found the Highland Coo of the Late Cretaceous

Pictures and wiki of two new dinosaurs. Also, what is UP with the goofy naming conventions these days. Where is the magic for the little children everywhere?!

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It Makes Augustus Look Like a Doofus

io9 – Ultraviolet light reveals how ancient Greek statues really looked (That’s a Roman statue there, says the girl who took two years of art history classes.) Curtsy: RC2.

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And Today, the Metric System

Well, that was fast. Just yesterday I started fominating about ending the French Revolutionary tyranny of measurements, and today I see this: TLS – Before London went metric A tribute to the city’s lost architectural dignity, and its unregarded lives Lindsay Duguid The story of Lost London is straightforward: a largely Georgian city with medieval […]

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Hilina Slump

Being a nerd, I tend to pore over Wiki in all places. The other day I looked up Moloka’i (the island to the right of the sunsets here in West Maui) after reading about this event in the copy of Maui Revealed someone left here: The northern half suffered a catastrophic collapse about 1.5 million […]

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Happy Pi Day!

It’s 3.14. Imagine the nerds errupting on this date in 2015…

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