God I’m bored. Twitter is a lovely, lovely place. I don’t understand people who can’t get into Twitter. I used to work for a lady who was (HAH) spearheading the (HAH) social (HAH HAH) outreach for the support side of a major brand name internet monetization product, and she said proudly to me, on my […]

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(I’m generally too depressed by the news lately to comment much on anything, but, again, for the ol’ external memory drive, and read the whole thing) Weekly Standard – Let the People Decide From the dissenting opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia in U.S. v. Windsor To be sure (as the majority points out), the legislation […]

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Oof, He’s Certainly Let Himself Go Since We Started Tracking His Comings and Goings

Daily Mail – King of Swaziland wants to make me his (14th) virgin bride… so you must let me stay in the UK: Woman’s plea for asylum after fleeing African monarch Oof.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXCIII

I love this song (and he’s really good!). Curtsy: CDR Salamander. The Fraternization Song (The man himself has been in the Commander’s comments, and apparently he’s got an album out (another video with better recording equipment here)! )

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Miscellaneous Sex Stuff

First, a fairly good essay for laying out the basic arguments without falling into the “eww icky” trap like so many do, except this still irritated me just because of her language choices. I mean, let’s face it, if I gave this to just about any one of my peers to read, they’d call her […]

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Even the Touchy Feely Stuff Turns Total Cock Up

WaPo – Charles Krauthammer: Gay marriage: Empathy or right? There are two ways to defend gay marriage. Argument A is empathy: One is influenced by gay friends in committed relationships yearning for the fulfillment and acceptance that marriage conveys upon heterosexuals. That’s essentially the case President Obama made when he first announced his change of […]

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Sex! Crime! Islam! It’s Interesting I Swear!

I already posted this on Twitter, but it needs a spot in the external memory drive: The Independent – Asian grooming: why we need to talk about sex Special Report day two: Our investigation into the background to the Rochdale child abuse ring concludes by exploring its cultural and religious implications, by Paul Vallely As […]

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Protesting Starbucks: Racial Politics Edition

I don’t agree with this: RCP – MSNBC: Obama Held To Higher Standard On Gay Marriage Since He’s Black Two things: I would be hard pressed to rattle off an equally long list of accomplishments the president has enacted on behalf of any other minority group, including black Americans. Yet he faces endless criticism from […]

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A Thing About Marriage

So, lots going on in the culture wars. There seems to be two sides (as represented on my Facebook feed, anyway): “Oh hey I’m against [X] but won’t really explain why very well, if at all” and “PEDOPHILE PRIESTS SO SHUT UP”. Right. So anyway, here’s a thing that explains at least the gay marriage […]

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The World Is Ending, We’re All Broke, and Now There’s a Condom Joke To Work Into Every Topic of Doom

Sigh, etc: NRO – Contraception Misdirection A universal birth-control mandate is a curious priority for a dying republic. By Mark Steyn

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Why It’s All Pointless

Mark Steyn: [A]fter almost every one of these debates we at NR and elsewhere say “ABC lost. Big time.” and “Big loser: ABC News” – or CNN or MSNBC or whoever it is. And then ten days later (or, in this case, the following morning) there they all are again acquiescing in some condescending media […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXIII

I really don’t care much about the Anthony Weiner story (altho I will laugh at the jokes when they’re put in front of me) but this is really hilarious: The Corner – Mark Steyn: The New York Times Acknowledges Communication With Women Online [R]e that New York Times “news alert” — “Representative Anthony D. Weiner […]

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Ffffun Facts!

I almost went with another alliterative title but decided that would would appear quite enough in the below quoted Mark Steyn post, which I’ve found rather fascinating (and no, I didn’t know any of this either): Foreskin Man is America’s newest superhero, the creation of Matthew Hess and his group MGMBill, the enlightened Californian progressives […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXII

So today (maybe yesterday?) the blogs erupted with a lot of innuendo and reaction to a lot of innuendo (I love these sex scandals when everyone who knows what happens is too prudish to tell the rest of us). Cue the every helpful Daily Show – Distinguished Member of Congress: The first half of this? […]

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A Tale of Two Philanderers (or Three)

So, we Americans are being told that it’s perfectly awful for Ryan Giggs’ affair to be made public because he has children. Why won’t somebody think of his children. Never mind that he’s famous and with fame comes the ability to send his children to school on private jets, and maybe he ought to have […]

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