Another Corker Setting Us Squarely Where We Are!

Why can’t politicians ever say any of this crap? FFS*. NRO – Mark Steyn: Sequestageddon Government-by-fake-disaster-movie seems to be going swimmingly for Obama. For instance, someone could easily work in a non-scandalous phrasing of the following points: [M]aybe it would be easier to reinstate this critical $44 billion and cut the other $3.8 trillion, which […]

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1% OWS

I don’t usually like videos of people shouting at each other (which is basically all the confront-a-protester videos are) but this one’s fun to watch: Peter Schiff confronts the OWS Curtsy: The Corner (lookit me getting through my Google Reader!)

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An Idea For Those Uncomfortable Billions

All these billionaires asking Obama to raise their taxes… Isn’t there a program that lets them, if they really want to, just cut a check to the federal government? Or couldn’t they, just for instance, use the riches they insist on telling us about to, perhaps, endow a hospital? That is to say, instead of […]

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Musings: I Don’t Think There’re Enough Private Jet Owners To Cover This

Something to spoil your day (and I’m not even touching the end-times stuff this is predicating): The Corner – Mark Steyn: Mad Debt A threat to liberty. Forget about mid-century. We’ve got until mid-decade to turn this thing around. Otherwise, by 2020 just the interest payments on the debt will be larger than the U.S. […]

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In My Light Blogging, I Fear You All Might Be Too Cheerful

So here’s a Mark Steyn for you: A Post-American Planet: Decline starts with the money, but it doesn’t stop there](

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A Matter of Cash: It’s Come To This

Business Insider – Apple Now Has More Cash Than The U.S. Government According to the latest daily statement from the U.S. Treasury, the government had an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion at the end of the day yesterday. Apple’s last earnings report showed that the company had $76.2 billion in cash and marketable securities […]

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I’ll See Your College Sophomore and Raise You!

Heh: One of the key debates was over whether or not the fictional President Bartlet should mention “private jet owners” when prosletyzing for higher taxes on the rich. Sam Seaborn, deputy White House communications director in the show, was against the move, calling it “bad writing,” and arguing that such a device “sounds like it […]

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People With £100k/Year Get Subsidized Homes?

Telegraph – Rich to lose their ‘subsidised’ council homes According to Google, that’s US$164,160.00.

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The Screwed Middle

This is very good: The Times – Will the people in the middle ever get richer? By Philip Collins Alarming.

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The A – Z of Mean Right-Wingery

I love this: The Times – Your guide to fighting those wicked Tory cuts, by Matthew Parris Here follows an A-Z: a beginner’s guide to opposing whatever spending reduction this wicked, economically illiterate, dogmatic, purblind (etc) Tory-led Government is planning. To oppose a cut, cast your eye over the list and choose your arguments. A […]

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The Impassioned 15-Year-Old POV

On the other hand: You’ve gotta admit tho, for a 15-year-old, the kid knows his rhetoric, eh? But, Jesus, guys… It’s about £9,000 a year. Check Yale tuition these days, hey?

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Hail Sweden

It helps that I’m undergoing a resurgence in love for Scandinavian interiors… NRO – Duncan Currie: Sweden’s Quiet Revolution Without much fanfare, the Scandinavian country has been moving away from socialism. In fact, contemporary Sweden is much less socialist than many Americans realize. Since the early 1990s, when it suffered a painful financial crisis, the […]

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Rizzo, the Rat

I thought I already blogged about the city of Bell, California, population 37,000, mostly hispanic, per capita income of $24,800, whose administrators are making between $1.54 million (with 143 paid vacation days) and $770,000 on the low end. But I must have Twittered it. There was a city council hearing when a mainstream newspaper actually […]

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I’d Feel Better About Teachers’ Pensions If Teachers’ Representatives Weren’t All So Stupid

Why is it the ladies they trot out to ask these questions are always like this? Governor Christie Responds To Teacher During Town Hall I haven’t seen him tweeting in a while. I wonder what’s up with that. Curtsy: RC2. I wish Ahnuld had been a teensy bit like him when he tried to do […]

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The Smooth Taste of a Results-Oriented State

Telegraph – ‘People should smoke and drink more’, says Russian finance minister Speaking as the Russian government announces plan to raise duty on alcohol and cigarettes, Alexei Kudrin said that by smoking a pack, “you are giving more to help solve social problems such as boosting demographics, developing other social services and upholding birth rates”. […]

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