“Monuments of the Good Taste of the Last Generation”

That’ll be “Phrases Spoken By My Generation After Hell’s Frozen Over,” Alec. Next category for the Daily Double: “Why do the homeless always have to ruin our cities?” Bookworm Room – San Francisco as it once was Union Square is no longer a grass covered and palm treed oasis in the middle of the City. […]

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My Mini Copenhagen

First, curtsies to RC2: New Geography (reprinted from Forbes) – THE GREEN MOVEMENT’S PEOPLE PROBLEM, by Joel Kotkin The movement needs to break with the deep-seated misanthropy that dominates green politics and has brought it to this woeful state. Its leaders have defined our species as everything from a “cancer” to the “AIDs of the […]

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I Suppose There’s An Implied Exception For Cricket

You know how people get about cricket… The Corner – Mark Steyn: Come Fry with Me In order to save the planet from global roasting, it seems entirely reasonable to ask Mr. and Mrs. Joe Peasant to subordinate their freedom of movement to an annual “carbon allowance” preventing them flying hither and yon and devastating […]

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You Lost 'Em at "Sensible"

I feel like this is Solomonic, but I’m not sure. In the National Post: This will never happen, but the New York Times carries a column today in which University of Guelph professor Ross McKitrick proposes a simple solution to the carbon tax conundrum: Tie taxes to temperatures. He suggests imposing financial penalties on carbon […]

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Foot, Meet Bullet

Well, well, well. It turns out that little vote we Washingtonians (well, not we precisely because I never registered to vote and Peter was somehow listed as “inactive” (uh huh suuuuure)) just had on Prop 71 with the obnoxious “Protect all Washington families” tagline (and “keep the domestic partnership line” tagline on most of the […]

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A Million (or so) Mild Mannered Friendly and Good Natured Khaki-Clad Everyday Folk Are Shockingly Revealed to Be Sinister Bigots

Yesterday seemed like quite a day. Between 70,000 and 2 million (these estimators need a better system) people marched on Washington with funny hand-made signs, flags, and khaki shorts. Our neighbor from home flew out for it by herself, using an opportunity to visit her cousin as justification for going across the country for a […]

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And On This Day In History, Conservatives Showed They Can March

Hip big crowd, chiefie. Anyone thinks this’ll have any effect? I mean, we’ve had normal-sized tea parties all year, that cumulatively make Cindy Sheehan’s protest tours look like a small child stacking pebbles in his back yard, and I haven’t seen the world shake. I think that no one in polite society would ever bring […]

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It Fills My Heart With Gladness to Subsidize Antonio Banderas' Holiday Travel

Curtsy: Instapundit, whose reader emails: Who’s paying for upgrades to Aspen’s Pitkin County airport, where private jet usage dwarfs commercial jet operations? The taxpayer, of course. The private jet tails made a nice backdrop for the shiny new “your tax dollars at work” sign at the airport this morning. A partial list of other celebrities […]

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If DC is Rome…

…Does that make Obama Julius, Augustus, or Nero? New Geography – ROME VS. GOTHAM Urban politicians have widely embraced the current concentration of power in Washington, but they may soon regret the trend they now so actively champion. The great protean tradition of American urbanism – with scores of competing economic centers – is giving […]

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The Trial of M&S's Teacakes

Telegraph – Let them eat crisps<br/> Telegraph View: The half-baked truth about Pringles. Pringles, the law has declared, are no longer cakes, but crisps. This has cost their makers £100 million in VAT. Last year, the law declared that Pringles were not crisps, but a cakey kind of thing. It is not so much that […]

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Washington State Discovers Tax Breaks!

TechFlash – Why Washington gave tax break to newspapers, and not to blogs Washington state is in the media spotlight after Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law a 40 percent business-tax reduction for the state’s newspaper industry. “Obnoxious Newspaper Bailout Begins,” says Silicon Alley Insider — asking, essentially, why the state is rewarding a flawed […]

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Praise the Lord and Pass the Tax Rebates

I found out Sunday that Peter’d never seen Disney’s Robin Hood. So of course I leapt to the computer and added it to our Netflix queue and we’ve just finished watching it. And, my, isn’t it an apt film for our times?! So I don’t think I’ve seen much Robin Hood in these latter, “adult” […]

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AIG and the New American Idol

WaPo – Bonfire of the Trivialities, by Charles Krauthammer Now, in the scheme of things, $165 million is a rounding error. It amounts to less than 1/18,500 of the $3.1 trillion federal budget. It’s less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the bailout money given to AIG alone. If Bill Gates were to pay these […]

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Die, Boomers, Die, Before You Make Things Worse…

If we’re the inter-war Germans, what does that make the Boomers? NRO – The Brokest Generation<br/> Our kids are the ultimate credit market, and the rest of us are all pre-approved! By Mark Steyn This is the biggest generational transfer of wealth in the history of the world. If you’re an 18-year old middle-class hopeychanger, […]

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Oh, California, You Magical Place

The Times – Arnie Schwarzenegger joins the ranks of the girlie men After years on the brink, California is finally going out of business, by Chris Ayres Lucky you,” said my accountant the other day. “You’ve underpaid your taxes this year. That means you owe the state of California money.” “I don’t get it,” I […]

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