The Most Powerful Political Forces in Cahleefohnia

WSJ – Ahnuld: Public Pensions and Our Fiscal Future Few Californians in the private sector have $1 million in savings, but that’s effectively the retirement account they guarantee to many government employees. At the same time that government-employee costs have been climbing, the private-sector workers whose taxes pay for them have been hurting. Since 2007, […]

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Enemy at Noah’s Gates

Hehehehe: Wheat & Weeds – Now THIS Is Blatant Anti-Semitism I love that Apple’s can always be trusted to translate the Yiddishisms.

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Gotta Love the Inevitable Eventuality of Tax Payer Dollars

This is amazing. All the artsy Brits in my Twitter stream have been moaning about the UK Film Council getting the axe, but then the author Ian Rankin mentioned this article as a “sharp and persuasive critique”. The Times – Good riddance to the UK Film Council, by Chris Atkins The real scandals, however, came […]

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Reprinted in full: The Corner – April Fools, by Stephen Spruiell More evidence that the Homebuyers Tax Credit was a dumb idea: House prices increased in April, as sellers increased prices to capitalize on the rush to buy before the tax credit expired on April 30th. Then, as soon as the tax credit expired, demand […]

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Getting Germany Out of the Euro

It’s Gerry! Spectator – Germany’s eurozone dilemma: should they stay or should they go? By Gerard Baker As the euro continues to dance on the brink of calamity, the people responsible for the deepening debacle have finally come up with a scheme that will save it once and for all. It’s a cunning plan that […]

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Broke AND Stupid

Today’s Steyn: Macleans – Mark Steyn: We’re too broke to be this stupid Beleaguered taxpayers may finally put a stop to the sheer waste of government spending Read the whole thing. Best line: You know how it is when you’re at the mall and someone rattles a collection box under your nose and you’re not […]

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Charts By Chuck

Chuck Devore for US Senate – What California`s terrible numbers mean for America I LOVE infographics. This guy has a LOT of infographics. *moves back to California* *re-registers to vote there* *votes for the best infographics*

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Providing Healthcare for ALL Americans By Filing 1099s At the Apple Store

The country’s in the very best of hands: CNN Money – Health care law’s massive, hidden tax change “HIDDEN,” “MASSIVE.” Section 9006 of the health care bill — just a few lines buried in the 2,409-page document — mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to […]

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Complicating My Dreams of an Expat Life

And yet making that one-way to NZ that much less complicated… TIME – Why More U.S. Expatriates Are Turning In Their Passports. By Helena Bachmann While a small number of Americans hand in their passports each year for political reasons, the new surge in permanent expatriations is mainly because of taxes. Considering that an estimated […]

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The Great White North and Land of Unexpected Phrasing

A hilarious bit from a Mark Steyn article I barely didn’t link to the other day: In 1993, government spending averaged 52.2 percent in Europe, and 70.9 percent in Sweden. The Swedes have reduced government spending (as a fraction of GDP) by almost a third in the last 15 years. Their corporate tax rates are […]

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Baby’s First Roadtrip: Fifth Open Thread!

Today’s Topic: TAXES! Tax day is almost upon us. This makes me wonder: I’ve heard Brits write about coming here and having to pay a little income tax on work they’ve done, usually freelance or journalism work, and they’re always SHOCKED AND APPALLED by how confusing it is. And yet we (seem to) have one […]

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Health and Taxes

Nice. Curtsy: RC2 in the comments.

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What Doesn’t Represent a Majority of the Republican Caucus

NRO – AWOL in the Bunning Battle The GOP shows why Obamacare is a good bet for the Left. By Andrew McCarthy If Obamacare passes, Obamacare is forever. Just ask Jim Bunning. The Kentucky Republican finally caved in Tuesday after relentless pressure from other senators — including Republicans — to drop what the Politico called […]

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Sales Tax (and Fire) Kills Small Business, Forces People Into Corporate Behemoth

A little local action: Queen Anne News – Hilltop Yarn is hanging up its knitting needles, closing its doors for good March 29 Hill said the decision was not taken lightly. It came after two years of serious consideration–after an electrical fire in their previous location in late 2008 almost burned the shop down and […]

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American Decline, Where Neither the Second Amendment Nor the Caliphate Can Save Us

Mark Steyn – THE SEDUCTIONS OF DECLINE I don’t even know where to begin quoting this (RC2, who is probably better at hiding her straight razors than I, quoted it fairly extensively – and thoughtfully! – here, and as testament to the resilience of her state of mind, she manages to wade through a similarly-themed […]

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