Peter Recommends CXXVII

Quothe Peter: “FFS.” TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint He also found this article with accompanying slideshow of a few of 35,000 images from one of those x-ray scanners that, err, can’t save images. And the images that they can’t save are discarded immediately. Which is why Gizmodo unearthed all 35,000 […]

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It Used To Be That Wanting Salman Rushdie Dead Meant Something

Poor guy. He’s really come down in the world.

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Blogger Displays Rightness Of Thought

Mmm: Wheat & Weeds – Could Be Anybody Isn’t NPR hiring?

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A Times editorial on the anti-semitic terrorist German left (ahem) of the 1970s, and the lessons that can be applied towards today’s enemies of the democratic state: The Times – Hitler’s Children Germany’s anti-terrorist campaign of the 1970s has much to teach modern politics There is division in British politics today over anti-terrorist legislation. That […]

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And We Just Needed To Reveal If We Were Pacific Islander

The Sunday Times – Battered Kurds attempt to cling on to city of oil Insurgents are trying to drive out Kurdish families before a census that could transform their future by deciding who will profit from oil wealth With a picture of two little girls, covered in blood, on a hospital exam table, crying after […]

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Ba’ath House

This amuses the heck outta me: Greg Gutfeld of Fox News Channel and The Daily Gut has proposed the best response yet to Park51, a.k.a. Cordoba House, the 13-story “community center” and mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero: “I am planning to build and open the first gay bar that caters not only to […]

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A Week of No Good News

I’m not in a particularly good mood today and the weather (hot, muggy, stagnant) isn’t helping. Neither is this: [Charles Krauthammer] On Robert Gibbs refusing to comment on the planned mosque at Ground Zero because it’s a “local” issue: It’s no more a local issue than 9/11 was a local New York event. That’s a […]

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More WWII Parallels!

ABC’s Jake Tapper: President Obama, White House: Al Qaeda Is Racist “Additionally, U.S. intelligence has indicated that al Qaeda leadership specifically targets and recruits black Africans to become suicide bombers because they believe that poor economic and social conditions make them more susceptible to recruitment than Arabs,” the official said. “Al Qaeda recruits have said […]

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Northern Ireland Again

Yikes: The Sunday Times – Return to Bloody Sunday The authors investigated the shootings for The Sunday Times. They reveal how their findings became pivotal to the inquiry. Peter Pringle and Philip Jacobson On Tuesday at 8am, a small band of lawyers, among them Britain’s best and brightest, will enter the Guildhall in Londonderry under […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXIV

Fast-roping 101: Curtsy: Apparently this guy.

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Flotsam Flotilla

Charles Krauthammer with some timely reminders: The fundamental deception here is the use of the word “humanitarian.” . . . Humanitarians don’t wield iron clubs, and [they] would have killed the Israelis had the Israelis not drawn their pistols in self-defense. But there‘s a larger issue here. What exactly is the humanitarian crisis that the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXIII

Epic: This would have been better yesterday, but Peter only sent it to me today.

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Psychoanalyzing Islamic Pathologies

On Muslims’ Locus of Control and Western arrogance, a few key points: New English Review – Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences, by Nicolai Sennels This one is amazing. I have never noticed this. It’s been remarked upon, all these doctors from the Islamic world (and not just the ones that blow themselves up, but […]

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UCSD’s Genocide Problem

David Horowitz gets an American college student to answer the question: Smug little punk. I wonder if she’s a convert. Updates: RC2 must have woke up generous: I honestly don’t think that’s what the girl meant. I think she was responding to Horowitz’ prior question about whether or not she supported Hamas. She initially doesn’t […]

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South Park Caved, So It Must Be Israeli Apartheid

The Corner – Mark Steyn: You Can Feed the Crocodile… …but sometimes he’ll still eat you first. While the initial US reports on the Times Square car bomb concentrated on the by now traditional denials that this was anything to do with terrorism and, even if it was, it was “amateurish”, the Telegraph in Britain […]

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