Sniffle XLXIV: Morning Commute Edition

A man in Perth gets his leg wedged between the train and the platform, and ERRBODY rushes to help with their own brute strength (rather than shutting the rail system down all day until men in hi-viz jackets, hardhats and walkie-talkies arrive to dismantle the thing at enormous public cost, as one would imagine happening […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCCXI

Do It For Denmark! Tak.

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Thanks and curtsies to Wheat & Weeds for posting this picture I found on Twitter the other day, because it reminded me that I really need this saved on my hard drive (I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed something from Twitter but was too lazy/distracted to have done the responsible thing and […]

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Hey Guys, I Went to ICELAND!

Some observations about the place that aren’t so surprising: 1. Everyone in Reykjavik is very young. This isn’t surprising because one is always amazed at the youth of people in European cities (where they actually go out and DO things: “Look ma, a yoof!”). 2. It smells surprisingly strongly at times of sulfur, as it […]

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Trains! The “Holy Codswalloping Corruption, Batman” Edition

Technically this is a Peter Recommends, because he’s been referencing it off and on since it was published last October, but he finally sent it to me yesterday: The New Yorker – BOSS RAILThe disaster that exposed the underside of the boom. By Evan Osnos It’s very long, and I could’ve quoted the whole thing […]

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Peter Recommends CXLVI

Cracked (god, the ADS; avert your eyes from them) – The 6 Weirdest Things We’ve Learned Since 9/11, by David Wong I like this. I especially like #6 “Terrorism Totally Works!” (it goes in reverse order, so #6 is first), for pointing out the amount of money we spent and how utterly inefficient it is […]

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Alan Titchmarsh Reads!

Amazing Bible Stories! I’m going on a small car trip tomorrow with The Child and was looking up books on tape on iTunes (remember those cassettes that came with Disney storybooks? yeah they don’t exist anymore) and! And! “King Saul could give no answer /Yorkshire accent Update: There’s also Judi Dench doing the alphabet, and […]

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Death on the Nile

Mark Steyn: The Princess and the Brotherhood For nine decades, Egypt has fled modernity. For my part, I would bet Egypt’s fate will be largely driven by its fiscal ruin. Morsi is a good example of what happens when full-blown Islamic rule is put into effect in a country without the benefit of oil. He’s […]

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Trains! That’s-My-Kinda-Nerd-Eh? Edition

The Guy with the Train in his Basement Curtsy: Vanderleun.

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Trains! Steam Edition

Obviously I sat on this till it was too late to be of any actionable interest to anyone, BUT STILL! Look out for four steam trains in London this Saturday And then I’ve had this sitting on my desk, from the October issue of WIRED (I can’t find it online), page 48: BACK ON TRACK […]

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Neil Armstrong

This is making me cry with laughter, but rather than make it the Funniest Item of the Day, I’ll just use it to illustrate what a thing it was to have been Neil Armstrong. The Onion – Late Edition: Monday, July 21, 1969 Somebody on the internet said a couple weeks ago on the occasion […]

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Mitt Romney Vs the Olympics: “Kiss My Ass, Show Some Respect” Indeed

Read this: Telegraph Blogs – Tim Stanley: NBC’s Olympic coverage has been a damning indictment of outdated monopoly media Especially this line: As global diplomacy goes, the network makes Mitt Romney look like Henry Kissinger. Then remember this classic from Mark Steyn, writing about how impartial our MSM is and why we rubes should rely […]

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And Aren’t WE At War??

I love this and I want it for MY important Defense Highways. Curtsy: @rosiesWWII.

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Insert Romantic Tropical Musings on the Pace of Modern Life Etc Etc Etc

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