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Watching the Titanic Sink (In Fast Forward)

Titanic 100: New CGI of How Titanic Sank James Cameron and his team pull together a new CGI of how they believe the TItanic sank and reached the ocean floor. Fascinating, but: I’m not sure about the peppy music. (File under #historychannel) Btw, I saw this on Twitter this morning, from one of The Times’(of […]

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Roughly the Size of the San Francisco Bay

Heap big boat, chiefie: Mercury News (click for slideshow!) – MSC Fabiola container ship arrives at the Port of Oakland Apparently it’s the largest vessel ever to dock on these shores. That is, it’s the largest containership ever to call any seaport in North America.” So how d’you like that. (That second link via, […]

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Coastal Towns: Italy Vs the US

I just came across this on one of my fashion blogs: It’s a photo of Cinque Terre, in Italy. I’ve never heard of it. For comparison, here’s some beachfront property in Aptos, California (which I have heard of but only because I live here, so you probably haven’t): *cries*

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Audio of the Costa Concordia’s captain trying to weasel out of going back to his ship: I said on Facebook the other day that I find it reassuring that abandoning ship is still something one can get arrested for. Like, despite everything, sometimes someone is still going to expect that you do something heroic or […]

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Ladies in Lavender in India

Is this a movie for me or what? We saw this trailer yesterday in front of The Artist, and I was laughing harder than the absolutely ANCIENT people next to us (it’s an art house theater in Palo Alto; everyone’s always prehistoric). All my favourite actors in a movie about old people and travel and […]

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In Which Cranes Are Grounded By the FAA

Good lord: AP – Bird plane runs afoul of federal regulators Ten young whooping cranes and the bird-like plane they think is their mother had flown more than halfway to their winter home in Florida when federal regulators stepped in. Now the birds and the plane are grounded in Alabama while the Federal Aviation Administration […]

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In Which I Feel Smug About My Weekend Plans

Whenever I plan holidays and things, I always have an image in my head of things going like they always seem to do in travel magazines or Sunset: Well-appointed but reasonably priced independently run lodgings, organic, locally-sourced food served in whimsical settings, one or two big-name tourist traps just to punctuate the trip, and everything […]

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I’m In Big Sur

I don’t think I’ve ever been this far south on highway 1 before. Here’s a little scene from our drive down from Carmel:

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Albertans: All Young and Outdoorsey

Totally. (remember to breathe) – Travel Alberta I love this video. Watch it big.

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British Airways

Headphones, a large viewing size, and a darkened room are nicely conducive to a lovely little welling-up in the eyeball area: It’s a brilliant ad, given the current wave of, if not quite nostalgia, then at least respect for All That Which Happened Before Us As Portrayed On Downton Abbey. And anyway, as I’ve said […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXV

Uber Blog – Uberdata: How prostitution and alcohol make Uber better (Uber is a limo service/startup based in San Francisco but operating in New York and planning on expanding aggressively into 30 (or so) markets within the next year or three (I forget the timeline and can’t be bothered to look it up right now), […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXX

May I link to something that is as hilarious as it is foul-mouthed? Please read it anyway, for it is HAH-larious: Craigslist – $1000 Best. Roommate. Ever. Meanwhile, I’m winding down the last two weeks of my time at you-know-which-internet-company and so I’m maxing out my hours while I can, hence the even-lighter-blogging than usual. […]

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Arcadia for Oligarchs

At first I saw this headline and thought someone was getting hysterical about global warming, but it turns out it’s another in a theme of the super rich moving things out of reach: Telegraph – Harry Mount: The global elite has stolen the English summer [T]he English summer and social calendar has, in recent years, […]

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Delta, Delta, Delta

Two days ago I found myself holding my nose through a line at Starbucks (you might remember this article from many moons ago which completely turned me off to that little brand), plus the women driving protest last week, and now this (and note the language (“we’re not the only ones doing this so don’t […]

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