BREAKING: Downton Abbey Scoop! More Borrowed Frocks!

Late last week fans of the popular ITV/Masterpiece Theatre drama Downton Abbey were thrilled to discover (via most major press outlets who love any excuse to run photos of our favourite posh people) that the ladies of Downton Abbey have been recycling costumes from other major period films and dramas. See for instance: Daily Mail […]

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Fun With Headlines

The Times, homepage, above the full colour photo of Meryl Streep in a blue suit: Cameron attacks timing of ‘Iron Lady’ dementia film First line under the photo: David Cameron launched an extraordinary attack today on… What he actually said: “My sense was: a great piece of acting – really a rather staggering piece of […]

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Miss Fat and Beautiful

A 1960s Pathe newsreel: “A comfortable woman, with the sort of statistics an old Dutch painter would have loved.” “A woman can still be attractive long after any man has taken her on his knee.” We wish our fatties were that thin. At least they still had ankles. Hell, knees.

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The Most Hated Woman In Tech

I love this: Tech Crunch – Stop Telling Women To Do Startups, by Penelope Trunk Apparently everybody’s hating on her. But I was whooping and doing air-punches with every paragraph. Read the whole thing so I don’t have to quote the whole thing. Because you know I will.

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One of the 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011

This: The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011 is okay. I feel like there were better photos, and the tsunami in Japan should have proportionally more than a dust storm in Arizona, for heaven’s sakes, but whatever. However! I draw your attention to #35! A WOMAN! In Libya! …Shooting an AK-47 into the air. But […]

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Peter and I went up to the city today to see the Maharaja exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. I had never been to the Asian Art Museum and had no idea it was right across the street from City Hall. It’s really lovely. Totally by accident we ended up doing the whole thing backwards […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXV

RC2 is making me laugh: Wheat & Weeds – At Random Come for the Neiman Marcus joke. Stay for the exercise punch line.

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The Emmy’s: I’m Not That Into Red, Girls

Scrolling down this Daily Mail article (by popular demand): The article begins with a line about the A-List. I have no flipping clue who Lea Michele is. But I like her dress. It’s a lovely shade of red. Kate Winslet should’ve gone for something with sleeves. And an extra half an inch around. Who is […]

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Finally: Nadine

I ignored this whole story (the bill submitted in the UK by Nadine Dorries to fiddle with who provides counseling for women seeking abortions) up till I read the following, but mostly because everything I saw was a reaction to the original story. But this sums things up quite nicely, and makes some excellent points. […]

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Pink Stink

I agree with this: Wheat & Weeds – Another Reason To Hate Pink I also don’t buy pink branded stuff because I absolutely refuse to buy into a “lifestyle” when I’m just looking for [a handbag, a plant, a box of cereal, whatever]. I don’t buy Martha Stewart furniture (yes I actually like her furniture […]

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Tiger Wives!

I love this: Vanity Fair – This Year’s Model: The Trophy Wife vs. the Tiger Wife Especially the “Envious of:” column, which really made me laugh.

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$5.6 Million For a Certain White Dress

Apparently the price I saw last week was short a full million bucks. In the comments of that post, Brett McS linked to this Virginia Postrel piece: Hollywood Auction Ends Myth of Zaftig Marilyn The auction’s top-ticket item was Monroe’s famous white halter dress from “The Seven Year Itch,” the one that billowed up as […]

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Either I’ve Spent Too Much Time On Twitter

Or Michele Bachman is a really poor candidate. Voices of sanity: What do we think? Btw, if you have a £, or an iPhone or Android (The Times is free for a little while while they launch their new mobile app, apparently), Hugo Rifkind made some good points in this: The Times – Please don’t […]

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I Don’t Think This Is a Burqa

I think it’s a Saudi niqab. But anyway: The Corner – Mark Steyn: Dance of the Post-Modern Veils Basically, a woman gets 6 months for lying that a policeman did something racist and Islamophobic to her (ripping off her veil). Bad enough. But now the charges have been dismissed because no one can prove it […]

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Female Drivers (For Freedom)

This is quite good (£): The TImes – The freedom of the road is a feminist issue, by Janice Turner

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