Women Gain Equality In the Workplace, Women Hardest Hit

Mid-way through this interesting interview with Vicky Pryce, whose story is of absolutely no interest to Americans but the vitriol of the whole story caught my attention but for anyone interested, I’m sure Wiki can fill you in without climbing a paywall, I find this: I ask her to describe an average day at her […]

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Pity My Poor Unhappy Swimming Pool

Yeah! Finally! wait but why – Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy (I like this post’s style. It’s sort of Hyperbole and a Half meets Quora.) So yes, now that you’ve gone away and read the whole thing, I agree with all of it, and read the whole thing, except: • I think it’s overstating […]

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China Getting Older Before It Gets Rich

The Telegraph – IMF sees 140m jobs shortage in ageing China as ‘Lewis Point’ hits China’s vast reserve of cheap workers in the hinterland is vanishing at a vertiginous pace. We can now discern more or less when the catch-up growth miracle will sputter out. Another seven years or so – enough to bouy global […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXXVIII

This is way back from last month, but I’m catching up on my blogs today: CDR Salamander – Sunday Funnies: Non-Synergistic Procrastination and Post Hysterical Response Diagram

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Cute Fluffy Kitteh Correspondent Brett McS Points Us To…

Live Science (it’s science!) – I Can Haz Productivity? Why You Should Look at Cute Animals at Work Here’s a defense for when your boss catches you watching kitten videos on the job: New research shows looking at cute images of baby animals may actually improve your work performance, inspiring more fine-tuned attention and careful […]

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The Times, my mental home-away-from-home (and let’s be honest, I follow so many of them on Twitter, I spend most of my day with its columnists gathered around my mental table, laughing and carrying on, even if I just lurk quietly in a corner chair), is having layoffs. No one’s mentioned it, not really, but […]

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The Most Hated Woman In Tech

I love this: Tech Crunch – Stop Telling Women To Do Startups, by Penelope Trunk Apparently everybody’s hating on her. But I was whooping and doing air-punches with every paragraph. Read the whole thing so I don’t have to quote the whole thing. Because you know I will.

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXV

RC2 is making me laugh: Wheat & Weeds – At Random Come for the Neiman Marcus joke. Stay for the exercise punch line.

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Peter Recommends CXXXIV

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Since April, in fact. Anyhoo, this is pretty amazing: Louis CK on 20 year-olds and jobs

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Oh Work Drama, Really?

The trouble with having a job is that when things start to go pear shaped, it’s so all-encompassing, isn’t it. And it can also give you a light case of food poisoning, I find. Blargh.

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Disappearing Britain

A photo essay in the Guardian Weekend: Goodbye to all that Zed Nelson’s photographs capture the human face behind disappearing Britain – the war veterans, the miners, the boxers and the fishermen. Blake Morrison reflects on the price of progress

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This Safety Video Is RIDICULOUS

I can’t watch anymore: Safety Video (I’m not embedding it) This video was discovered by someone who used to work at a public library several years ago. This has not been edited in any way. This is 100% authentic. I found this on my Twitter this morning. Someone, I think Sali Hughes, who writes a […]

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Lumberjack Checked Shirts

I’ve just finished a Simon Brett mystery, one of the Charles Paris series, Situation Tragedy. There’s lots in his books to want to transcribe (for instance the Anglican vicar in on of his Fethering novels, oh man was he funny), but in this book, about some Suspicious Deaths that happen during the filming of a […]

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On 1st Class Rail Travel & Corporate Shuttles

So those of you with an eye on Twitter will have noticed I took the train up to San Francisco for a movie yesterday. On the train, I was thinking about something I spend a lot of time thinking about but a new thought occurred to me. So, no one in the Bay Area takes […]

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Bores vs. Hacks

Telegraph Blogs – Toby Harnden: How Britain and the web are changing stuffy American journalism Often caught between the two, I’ve always been fascinated by the differences between journalism in Britain and the United States. One of the most striking things is the contrast between the self-image of journalists on either side of the Pond. […]

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