Of Flags and Fruit Baskets

I went into the office today finally to claim a desk. Peter went in for his first day of work and came home with a small goody bag. Apparently there’s a whole fruit stand on his desk but I’m not cool enough to see yet. He’s having a team lunch tomorrow, see. :( Then the […]

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Chilean Miners: Fame and Wine; The Frivolous West Reacts

Today I went on a farewell trek downtown, said goodbye to my office (I don’t leave my job, just my building), had dinner with some of Peter’s former coworkers… Another busy day. So, for blog post, I give you, the current events à la Celebrity Watch (ie Caitlin Moran): 1 UP The Chilean miners On […]

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Hail Sweden

It helps that I’m undergoing a resurgence in love for Scandinavian interiors… NRO – Duncan Currie: Sweden’s Quiet Revolution Without much fanfare, the Scandinavian country has been moving away from socialism. In fact, contemporary Sweden is much less socialist than many Americans realize. Since the early 1990s, when it suffered a painful financial crisis, the […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXLVIII

A Dilbert cartoon: CDR Salamander – Sunday Funnies I won’t say why, but this has deep and powerful meaning to us these days. Oh man that makes me laugh.

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I Give You the Greatest Flight That Ever Landed

WSJ – Flight Attendant Pops Emergency Chute, Escapes Plane at JFK I think we’ve all been on those flights where we wish the flight attendant would just deck the jerk and go out with a flourish. But this flourish is pretty epic.

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The Jones Act and Creative Problem Solving in the Gulf Oil Spill

Weekly Standard – Oil Messed Up Anger grows along the Gulf Coast at the Obama administration’s pathetic response to the largest oil spill in U.S. history. By Winston Groom (author of Forrest Gump, among others) It has been apparent from the outset that the Obama administration had no wish to be responsible for fixing this […]

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If Only There Were Illegals in American Samoa Doing the Jobs the American Samoans Won’t Do

My parents were up today and my dad was talking about this story which, naturally, I hadn’t heard of. Congress raised the minimum wage again and this time, in their wise benevolence, didn’t give American Samoa an exemption: When Democrats in Congress increased the minimum wage in 2007, the U.S. territory of 65,000 in the […]

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Young Independent Documentary Filmmaker Makes STARTLING Discovery

The Foundry – Is Hollywood Turning on Teachers Unions? But on the way to making the film she imagined, she “stumbled on this political mayhem—really like a turf war about the future of public education.” Or more accurately, she happened upon a raucous protest outside of a failing public school in which Harlem Success, already […]

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On Using “Pimp” As a Verb

I cautioned a guy at work the other day (who’s first language isn’t English (not that you’d notice, it’s so good)) against using “pimp” as a verb, as in “pimp my ride” (except “ride” was something more relevant to where I work). I said it was a bit …negative. I’m feeling very righteous (and relieved) […]

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Providing Healthcare for ALL Americans By Filing 1099s At the Apple Store

The country’s in the very best of hands: CNN Money – Health care law’s massive, hidden tax change “HIDDEN,” “MASSIVE.” Section 9006 of the health care bill — just a few lines buried in the 2,409-page document — mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to […]

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Anti-Racism: The 21st Century’s Source of Violence

(The photo accompanying this article is a total head-badwordbeginninginf.) I saw a few headlines roll by about this story about Roy Amor, but I never actually saw a full account until now: Macleans (4.22) – Don’t joke in Little Stasi-on-Avon MARK STEYN: Britons have shown a surprising enthusiasm for informing on their fellow citizens Six […]

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Dr Leith Penny, of Westminster Council, Would Like to Apologise

Evening Standard – Workmen destroy ancient Paddington tombs Workmen have desecrated an 18th century burial ground by destroying scores of ancient tombs, some of which belonged to children. The men were repairing a wall in St Mary’s churchyard at Paddington Green and dug up the garden above the cemetery. Local resident Julyan Wickham saw the […]

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Go Linda Johnston, MD

Wow: The Corner – From a Doctor Who Will Not Comply

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This Company Makes Me Want to Buy a Laptop

A new reason to rescue yesterday’s t-shirts from the back of your closet. Once upon a time, it was your statement to the world — a show of school pride, a taste for graphic design, a photo of your favorite singer’s mug shot. These days, it probably sits unworn in storage. Here’s your chance to […]

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The I’m Sick Link Dump of February, 2010

SO MUCH but so little energy… On Unions and how to deal with them: Corner – State of the Nation, by John Derbyshire This headline brightened up my breakfast: Unionized Rhode Island Teachers Refuse To Work 25 Minutes More Per Day, So Town Fires All Of Them Yeee-HAH! The teachers at the high school make […]

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